I Won’t Judge You

“For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” John 3:17

If we really want to win people, then we first need to understand where they are coming from. One thing we hear the world saying to the church is, “Don’t judge me!” When someone feels judged, they feel someone is not accepting his or her behavior, therefore, is not accepting of him or her as a person. To the lost, judgment is feeling rejected. Judgment is feeling like he or she is being condemned. Judgment is perceived as an attempt to change someone or to control someone. Why do people think we are judging them?

As Christians, we represent God – a God who is holy. We also represent God’s standard of what is right, perfect and just. In addition, we represent the requirement of submission to God’s ways. The lost typically know that they aren’t holy like God. They usually know they don’t measure up to perfection in their behavior. They also know that submission means they have to let go of control. If they know they don’t measure up, they already feel condemned. If they can’t be accepted for who they are, then they don’t want to let go of the control of their own life.

Understanding the rejection that the lost feel, how do we reach them? The best example we have for winning people is Jesus. First of all, Jesus, knowing their fear, didn’t wait for the lost to come to Him or the synagogue. The lost felt loved because He went to where they were. He actually approached people that others had rejected.

Second, people knew that Jesus accepted them because He served them. He picked up a towel to wash their feet, He saved a wedding by turning water into wine, He was tender with the brokenhearted, He gave to the poor, He removed the pain from the sick, He raised a dead son of a lonely widow, He stopped storms and He died on the cross.

Third, people knew they were loved and valued because of what Jesus taught. He taught about the grace of God in the story of the generous landowner. He taught about forgiveness in the parable of the two servants. He taught on mercy in the story of the Good Samaritan. Jesus didn’t compromise the holiness of God or the standard of righteousness, but He taught that God sent His Son to make the way for them to receive salvation by grace through faith and obedience. The love of God will reach out, it will serve and it will teach. When we do the same, we will be more effective in winning people.

Application: Not everyone will receive God’s love, but don’t let that stop you. Find the ones who will.

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