I’m Not Better Than You

“…He who wins souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30

Before we can communicate the Gospel, we first need to listen and understand the people we are attempting to reach. One statement people have said about Christians is, “You think that you are better than us.” In actuality, the only difference between a Christian and an unbeliever is that one has received salvation through Jesus Christ and one hasn’t yet. Any changes God has done in us have been because of His grace, not our own strength or ability. God can do the same thing for anyone else who will make the decision to surrender to Him. Here are some things we can do to let people know we are not better than them:

We can be tenderhearted. Being tenderhearted towards others requires humility. When people will see our compassion and desire to help the hurting, they will be more open to hear about our Savior.

We can be touchable. If the only people we connect with are Christians, then we’re cutting ourselves off from the world. We need to be in the community, meeting people and meeting needs.

We can be transparent. Even though we attempt to live a life that is pleasing to our Father, we aren’t perfect. We need to be real with the people around us. Let them know we have struggles too. If we’re going to share a message of grace, then we need to live in grace ourselves.

We can be transformed. Our salvation brings transformation that the world needs to see. If we say that we are surrendered to Jesus Christ, then we need to live a submitted life. It isn’t about being good or bad, it is about being surrendered to God and His Word. It is hypocrisy to live a compromised lifestyle of selfish rebellion. That hypocrisy could cause others to reject Christ.

We can share our testimony. A witness is a person who gives a testimony as to what they have seen or heard. One of the most effective tools you have as a witness is your story. What has God done for you? What is He doing for you right now? You don’t have to share everything in your life, but share what the Holy Spirit leads you to communicate with others. When people see that it’s about Jesus, not just about you, then they will be more open to what He can do for them too.

Application: We become acquainted with grace when we are born again, but renewing our minds to God’s grace takes time. Until we are mature in grace, we might still struggle with gaining approval from God and others, causing us to compare and compete with others. People pick up on that, so instead, rest in God’s grace for where you are at today.

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