Jehovah Tsidquenu: The Lord Our Righteousness

“… Now this is the name by which He will be called: The Lord our righteousness.” Jeremiah 23:6

The name Jehovah Tsidqenu is used twice in the Bible, once as a name for the Messiah, revealing the nature of God, and another time as a name for Jerusalem, again revealing the nature of God. The Hebrew word tsidqenu is derived from a word that means upright or straight.

The opposite of what is upright is something that is bent or is out of alignment. The English word wicked originated from the old Anglo-Saxon word wicker, which meant to twist. Other similar words are a wicker basket or the wick of a candle, both made of twisted or braided materials. The twisted definition came from an earlier word meaning weak, something that was not strong enough to resist being twisted.

God is upright. Sin is a twisting away from what is upright. When we turn away from God and His ways, we distance ourselves from life and blessing, instead experiencing the pain and trouble of separation from God. Before becoming born again, people have a nature that is weak to sin, with a tendency to twist or bend to it. The consequence of turning away from life is death, a separation from God, our life.

God’s name is “The Lord our Righteousness,” and both Jesus and Jerusalem are named after Him. Our choice to sin caused us to lose our standing in the family of God, but God made the way for us to return to righteous position by sacrificing His Son to pay the price of death. God pulled Jesus out of death and back to life, and He will do the same for anyone else who will turn back to Him.

Once we receive His salvation, our nature is changed, and we are born again. The Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us and to empower us. From our position of right standing in God’s family, God asks us to live righteously, and He gives us the grace to do it! He made us righteous to walk righteously. He is the Lord our righteousness!

Instead of being separated from God, we are now one with Him!
Instead of being bound to the addiction of sin, we are free!
Instead of being weak in resistance to sin, we are strong!
Instead of being hurt by sin, we are made whole!
Instead of being dead, we are alive!

Application: If there is sin in your life, don’t just focus on controlling your behavior, but focus on giving God control! He is the One who gives you the position and the power to overcome!

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