Knowing God… Priceless

“You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things…” Revelation 4:11

When God recreates our hearts, He fashions us according to His design, according to His nature. Honor is a holy characteristic. It is good; it is life-giving. When God is working in us, He is making us more like Him, and one result is a heart of honor. Our honor includes honor for God. We value Him for who He is.

When you have experienced the awesome God, then you can know His true value. When you consider His worth, one way you can honor God, is through a genuine and responsive worship. Sing it, say it, shout it – however you find expression, give Him the praise that overcomes your heart when you recognize not only His power and His goodness, but also His great love and depth of mercy for you and the world.

Second, you can also honor God by honoring His Word, the written Word in the Bible and His revealed Word in our hearts. His Word should be respected when it is preached, listened to, read, or spoken about. True words of prophecy should be valued and sought after. In the same way that we value what is true, we should despise and guard against what is not true – false prophecy, human sensationalism, mental ascent, trickery and deceit, and emotional hijacking.

Third, you can also honor God through holy living. When we honor God, we value what He values, and we despise what He despises. When we value God, we respect His boundaries. When you walk in holiness, you show God that you value what He values, and YOU are someone that He values. By respecting yourself and living a holy life, you are respecting Him. To know what is holy, and to choose to act in a way you know is unholy, is a strong disrespect for God, His Son, the cross, and His blood. God isn’t looking for perfection; He is looking for submission. He honors the honor in your heart, and He will help you to overcome by His power, not yours.

Fourth, you can show God your love for Him through your giving. Give your tithe and your offerings. Give to the poor. Share something with a friend. Money is only one way you can give. You can also give of your talents, your time, and your touch. When you honor God, He honors you. It is a relationship where we value each other with a deep love and a high respect.

Application: Today decide a special way that you can honor God through worship, His Word, holy living, or giving.

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