Living in the Shadow

“Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1 (NLT)


Psalm 91 is one of the more familiar passages of scriptures on the protection of God. Verse one speaks of the shelter that we have in God. A shelter is a covering that protects you by taking the impact of an element or strike against you. A shelter is a place that you go underneath or inside to find protection. 


Our shelter is God. God promises to cover us when we yield ourselves to His care and authority. We find a covering that shields us from harm when we allow God to position us inside Christ. What do we need a covering to shield us from? We can find peace and rest from stress and demanding pressures. We find shelter from arrogant criticisms from controlling people who want to tear us down. We find safety from the effects of sin: such as, addictions, emotional anguish, mental fatigue, physical illness, financial distress, and the like. We can find a refuge from spiritual onslaughts planned against us from our enemy, the devil. Our God is referred to as “the Most High” and “the Almighty.” There is nothing and no one that is a higher authority or operates with power than the God who created and sustains life. Our God offers us to come underneath or inside His covering. 


We find our rest and our safety when we are walking in the shadow of God. A shadow is an image cast when a body intercepts light. If you are in God’s shadow, you must be close to Him. God is a spirit, so the way to approach God is spiritual. From your heart, or spirit, you can experience a relationship with the Most High, the Almighty. God’s shadow provides you with shade, another expression of His loving protection that He wants to offer you when you come near to Him.  


Application: If you were at a park with a pavilion and it began to rain and hail, you could run underneath the pavilion and rest until the storm passed. When you need to rest or find peace from something or someone that has come against you, run to God and spend some time with Him in the spirit. Not only will you find a place of safety, you will also find that God will provide you with all you need to overcome any challenge tries to come against you. 

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