Miracles Are Evidence

“God also bearing witness both with signs and wonders, with various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit…” Hebrews 2:4

When someone bears witness in a court of law, they are attesting to truth by what they have known, seen, or heard. A witness provides evidence for what they know by their testimony or through demonstration. God wants the world to know about the salvation His Son was sacrificed for. After paying such a high price, God doesn’t want to keep His love and power a secret. God continues to confirm His existence and His salvation through miracles He performs through our lives.

Miracles are to be expected by the heirs of salvation. When we are submitted to God and His will, we are aligned to receive from God. We are aligned as vessels to work miracles in the lives around us. We are conduits of God’s power, available containers of the treasured glory of God. Signs and wonders will get attention; as ministers of the grace of God, we direct that attention to God who performed them. When people want to show their appreciation, we point them to Jesus. When they want to give, we point them to Jesus. When they want to worship, we point them to Jesus. When they want to serve, we point them to Jesus. We are not to take the creditMy faith will make a pull on God to move where people will receive, but it will never push God to move where there is pride. I work in submission to the Holy Spirit, not the Holy Spirit in submission to me. My expectancy is in God, not in people or circumstances. My faith is in God, not in what I see or don’t see. The supernatural works of God are not to be taken for granted.

Your life is a miracle. How God has supernaturally changed your heart and transformed your behavior is a testimony to the power of salvation. You are a sign. You are a wonder. You are a first-hand witness to God’s power. Don’t be quiet about the miracles God has done. People need to go from excitement about a miracle to their own faith in God. Daniel said in Daniel 4:2-3, “I thought it good to declare the signs and wonders that the Most High has worked for me. How great are His signs, and how mighty His wonders!…” The word for “wonders” in the Aramaic is temahh, meaning “something astonishing.” God does astonishing things to show us and the world who He is. God is not hiding underneath a rock, passively allowing people to slip into hell. No, we are His witnesses, and we are to testify to the world of His love and power! God is ready, willing, and able to show Himself to the world if we will trust and obey Him.

Application: The enemy tries to deceive us through supernatural means. He also can trick a servant of God to accept some false doctrine, so ask the Lord for discernment to know Him and His whole truth.

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