No Complaints Here

“Do all things without complaining and disputing.” Philippians 2:14

When people complain, it could be that a person is hurting or lacking in some area of their heart. If that person is surrendered to the Lord and to their authority, they will receive healing. It could be that a person sees the need for change and wants to help make something better. Others complain because their heart is rebellious, refusing to submit to authority. How do you discern whether a complainer has a submitted heart or a rebellious heart? Here are a few indicators of a rebellious complainer: 1. They can’t get over their issues until damage is done. 2. They complain repetitively. 3. They complain to more than one person. 4. They target key people on their leader’s team. 5. Their complaint attacks the leader’s ability to lead.

Rebellion is the attempt to control or manipulate people and circumstances. Rebellion is sin that causes division and devastation to families, churches, ministries, businesses, governments and any other group. If rebellion is successful, the group is torn down, and individuals will suffer. The motive of rebellion is to spread to gain support and momentum to bowl over the leader they are rebelling against (Read about Korah in Numbers 16).

Rebellious complaining can be extremely deceptive, playing on the mercy of the compassionate, the fears of the insecure and the passion of the strong; however, rebellion in reality is dangerously deadly to unity and growth. The one acting like a victim is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that is pretending to be one of the sheep, pretending to care about the flock, pretending to be loyal to the shepherd. Familiarity is used in their favor. Both the sheep and the shepherd can have the wool pulled over their eyes, deceived by the complainer.

The person that loves God and cares for their leader will separate from complaining people. Complaining people often try to present themselves as victims, but you can recognize their divisive spirit by being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Recognize the enemy behind the complainer that is trying to destroy the family or church or group you love. Offer them healing, offer them repentance, but do not offer them your ear. If the complainer continues, go to your leaders so that correction can be given and the enemy can be stopped. Guard your heart and the purpose of your group by cherishing a submissive and loving attitude that stimulates unity and gives glory to God.

Application: Don’t allow yourself to complain, instead, take your concerns to the Father and leave them there. I Peter 5:7

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