Notice Him

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights…” James 1:17

When my husband and I did missionary work, we relied upon the giving of others to meet our financial needs. Some of our supporters were consistent and faithful. Others gave when they were able. Some gave every month, and some gave one-time gifts. As God opened doors to travel into other countries, we had a personal conviction that we wouldn’t go into debt to go on mission trips. As we communicated the vision God had given us, we had hoped that the ones we reached out to would give. However, instead of the finances coming from places that we would expect, God supplied the money from places we did not expect. In fact, it came from places I would not have even imagined! With each unexpected offering, God impressed on my heart that He was the One behind the unusual and unexpected supply. He wanted me to realize that He was providing for the missions He was sending us on. God wanted me to notice Him; not just for the work of His hands, but for the love in His heart. When I saw the revelation of Him, I was able to further give God my attention and my heart’s embrace.

Everything good and perfect gift comes from God. Everything good we have can be traced back to Him, whether we bought it, earned it, inherited it, or were given it – it originally came from the Father of it all. Even if we made something ourselves, our talent to make it came from God, the resources to make it came from God, and the energy and strength to do it came from God. It all comes from Him. God wants us to recognize Him in the beauty He created for us.

God sees any natural or spiritual need as an opportunity to share Himself and His life with us as our loving and passionate Provider. It could be physical, financial, emotional, social, relational, political, environmental, or any area where you might suffer lack. If you have a need, He is more than able and more than willing to bring an overflowing, abundant supply into your life. He created the universe; He can take care of you. Not only will He take care of you, but He will also do it in a way where He can be noticed. Don’t despise your need. Instead, value your need as an opportunity for God to move in your life. When you are looking around for what you can do, remember to look up for what He can do. Notice Him.

Application: Is there something in your life that isn’t a good gift? Anything bad for you is something that has been distorted by the effects of sin and separation from God. Even still, God is able to take what has been ruined and discarded and restore it back to His intended beauty and purpose. Notice God in His goodness to you.

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