Position and Process of Restoration

“…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling (respect); for it is God who works in you….” Philippians 2:12-13

Sin took us away from our life in God; salvation returns us back to life in God. Sin brought lack, deformity, sickness and death. Salvation made us whole, complete, aligned, healed and alive. We weren’t saved just to receive eternal life; we were saved to be whole in every area – to have peace, to be free, to be healed, to be provided for. When we were saved, we received it all. It was done, complete. However, salvation wasn’t just for a one-time experience. Our salvation is something we live each day. God’s grace is there for us, and our faith is continually receiving from it.

We are positioned as someone who is restored, and we are also in the process of restoration. We were made righteous, and we are also in a process of living righteously. We were healed, and we are in a process of living healed. We were provided for, and we are in a process of living in provision. We were rescued, and we are in a process of living rescued. We were given liberty, and we are in a process of living free. We were given purpose, and we are in the process of living our purpose.

The position and process of our spiritual life can be compared to our physical life. Our bodies can function because of the position we are in. We were made with lungs, and we were positioned in a world with oxygen; however, to live, we need to breathe. Our spiritual life is similar. We are positioned in Christ. He has given us His grace; however, to live in His best each day, we need to continue to walk by faith.

The earth we live in will also go through restoration, but not yet. Satan rules the world we live in, and he rules by sin and death. From time to time, we experience the world situation. Christians can experience lack, sickness and the like. However, Christ came into the earth as one of us, defeated Satan and won authority over the enemy. Christ then gave authority to us. Then Christ gave power to us when He gave us the Holy Spirit. The Bible says, “Greater is He that is in you, that he that is in the world.” Not only did we receive our salvation, we are receiving from our salvation – here, now. Not only are we positioned in Christ, we are in the process of becoming more like Christ. No only are we becoming like Christ, but we are doing the works of Christ, and as He told us to do, greater works – here, now. God is still restoring!

Application: The prefix “dis” means away or apart. The prefix “re” means “again.” Look in a dictionary in a book or online, and see what words start with dis and which words start with re. The “dis” words describe life apart from God. The “re” words describe our life restored back to God.

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