Praise, Presence, Power

Praise, Presence, Power

“Be exalted, O Lord, in Your own strength! We will sing and praise (zamar) Your power.” Psalm 21:13

Zamar is a Hebrew word for praise that means, “to touch the strings of an instrument and to play unto its power.” Worship leaders and musicians are given to the church by God to lead all of us into worship. Whether we feel that we are talented in our voice or on an instrument, God is honored by our praise and meets us in our loving adoration of Him. Whether our praise is in our private time or in a congregation of people, when we actively participate in worship, we are choosing to honor God as our Father and Lord. When we worship we are making a step toward God with a desire to have communion with Him. James 4:8 (NLT) “Come close to God and God will come close to you.”

Our worship of God is a response of a surrendered heart, a heart submitted to God as our loving authority. God knows who He is. God isn’t looking for an ego boost. God is complete in Himself. God isn’t looking to keep us under control. God loves us. When we worship, God is looking to meet with us. When God’s presence is manifested, we are blessed. When God is present, His anointing is there- His power is there.

When we meet with God in worship, we invite Him to move. In I Samuel 16:14, King Saul called David to come and play his harp, because when he praised, it caused the presence and power of God to be manifested, and the spirit that was tormenting Saul would leave. Our praise honors God, inviting Him to move as He wishes. Our praise causes a change in the atmosphere where the power of God is present and available for miracles to happen.

In II Kings 3:15, King Jehoshaphat went to the prophet Elisha for the purpose of receiving a message from God. In those days the Holy Spirit could not indwell the believer, so He would only visit leaders when there was a need. The first thing Elisha did was to call for a musician. When the musician played, the anointing to prophesy came on Elisha. It was a spiritual truth then, and it is a spiritual truth now – our praise and worship draws the presence and anointing of God. Our praise ushers, or brings in, the tangible and manifested power of God.

Application: Your words carry power. Your song has spiritual ramification. Sing and play for the King, and His anointing will manifest to accomplish His desire in you and through you.

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