Restoring Hope

“Be of good courage. He will strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24

Everyone has experienced inner wounds to the soul and the spirit. Some wounds are deeper than others. Some of those inner wounds could be compared to a scratch, others to being paralyzed. Some are left wondering, “Will I ever be able to function normally again?”

I believe that when God restores a person’s heart, He gives us hope that we will be able to function normally again. We will be able to love again. With the healing and restoration that God ministers to us, we will be able to give love and receive love without the fear of being hurt or misunderstood or judged. We can give and receive love without shame or guilt. God’s restoration will free us to love without inner disability.

We will be able to trust again. Sometimes damaged people are unable to make discernments on who to trust or how to set healthy boundaries with other people. Often, damaged people lose their ability to trust anyone. They are always suspicious, which closes their heart to building long lasting relationships. Nearness can be frightening to them. When God restores us, we have the ability to discern, to set boundaries and to allow people to come near again.

We will be able to have faith again. Sometimes a wound can make us disabled from believing or leaning on people or on God. When God restores us, we will be able to surrender to God again. We will also be able to submit to healthy authority or to lead with proper authority or to submit to one another in preference for one another.

We will be able to share again. When people have been deeply wounded, they might find it difficult to give again. Because they have been hurt, they may hesitate or pull back from sharing their talents, their time, their treasure or their touch. God’s restoration makes it possible to open up again to share who we are, what we have and what we can do.

We do have a hope that we can function properly again. We can love, trust, have faith and share again. We can see others and ourselves more clearly. We do have a hope that others can be saved and restored to living the life God intends for them to have. Nothing is impossible with God if we will believe.

Application: If you or someone that you know has been severely wounded in their heart, share your hope of healing and lead them to the Lord. He is the only One who can heal a broken heart.

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