Resurrection Breakthroughs

“that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.” Phil. 3:10

God offers you a supernatural life filled with power and breakthrough. This life of glory isn’t just for life after death; it is a life offered to us right now. It is a much different experience from the one the natural world offers; however, it is a far greater existence, one that is filled with irresistible joy and indescribable peace.

Because we are spiritual beings living in a fallen world, the way to live this life of knowing God’s glory does require some adjustments. However, it is possible since Jesus showed us how to know the glory of God while He lived on the earth. The apostles also wrote about knowing God’s glory in their letters to the churches. One of my favorites verses on experiencing God’s glory is Philippians 3:10. It tells us we can know the power of His resurrection and it tells us how we know this power. It’s being in living similarly to Christ’s sufferings and death. See also Galatians 2:20 and II Corinthians 4:10.

But wait a minute – suffering and death doesn’t sound too good, so how does this verse compute with God’s goodness? The problem we face is the condition we are in while living in a fallen world, even as born again Christians. We still have the unregenerate soul and physical body. We also live in a world dominated by what is natural, temporary, and earthly. This world is even carnal, sinful, and ruled by Satan. God’s glory comes from what is spiritual. The solution for operating in God’s power is overcoming our flesh, natural and carnal influences, and the spiritual oppression of the enemy. How do we do that?

To way to overcome these things and find breakthrough is first by dying to self and surrendering to God. It’s leaving the position of self-sufficiency and making Jesus Lord. Knowing God’s life is like being the branch of a tree. We can’t survive independently of the tree because our life is found in being connected to the life source the tree provides. When we live surrendered to God, our actions become a product of our heart relying upon Him. Then, with God’s help, we overcome our flesh, we separate from natural and carnal influence, and we take authority over the enemy. Not only do we pull away, but we also pursue God through spiritual aspects such as prayer, fasting, worship, and study. It’s not that God is withholding His power, expecting you to earn it. Rather, He is willing to pour through you as you make yourself available to Him in the spirit.

Application: Choose a day to take off from the world and determine to only fast, pray and study. See what happens.

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