Super Faithfulness

“… it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.” I Corinthians 4:2

Faithfulness means “the character of one who can be relied on.” It also means to be steady in allegiance or affection, loyal, constant, and trustworthy. The quality of faithfulness has greater value than any talent, skill, education, influence, or appearance because if you don’t have one’s commitment, you could lose more than you could ever gain.

If a person does not fully embrace the completeness that God offers or if a person is immature in their development in Christ, then a person could struggle in the area of faithfulness. Faithfulness is a God-like characteristic that the Holy Spirit will form on the inside of a believer. It is through a union with God that makes us whole. We don’t need anything outside of God because we are restored and fulfilled in Him; therefore, our faithfulness cannot be swayed by anything other than God’s Word.

The desire of a faithful heart is to commit, to work on the purpose of the group, to bind together with your team, to strengthen and build up the cause. The desire of an unfaithful heart is to find a way out, to be distracted, to be self-indulgent, and to investigate other interests. Faithfulness has a passion focused on others, while unfaithfulness has a passion focused on self. A faithful heart has more passion than an uncommitted heart ever will.

Use wisdom when choosing whom you associate with. Unfaithful people hurt the people around them, leaving them abandoned and betrayed. They often make excuses to justify their reasons for breaking their word. They resist accountability and defy authority. They attempt to find fault in others or shift blame to someone else instead of taking responsibility for their own faults. Because of the guilt, shame, and fear associated with their sin, they often react with anger or manipulation. This is an unhealthy relationship. Forgive them, but don’t blame yourself for someone else’s inability to commit. Don’t try to hold onto an unfaithful person or attempt to change them. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, not your own emotions, for your part, if any, in their restoration.

Faithfulness is a character quality that is produced out of a union with God and by the ability the Holy Spirit supplies. We can’t strive to change ourselves. We must surrender to Him and then give Him the credit for a life transformed!

Application: Is there anything you have committed to that you have not followed through on? If so, ask the Holy Spirit to help you be reliable, and complete your commitment.

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