The Domino Effect

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28


There have been times when it seemed like my life was on hold. Even though God had given me a dream for the future, my situation did not appear to be moving forward. I questioned why God didn’t seem to be fulfilling His promise. If God is faithful, then why didn’t I observe any change taking place? 


I didn’t understand it, so I had a conversation about it with my mom. Mom explained that change often affects everything that it is connected to – including people, events, finances, and more. She compared it to a line of dominos. When one domino falls, it causes another one to move, which causes another one to move, and so on. Mom told me that while it didn’t seem that God was moving, in actuality, God was working behind the scenes, taking care of everyone and everything that was involved with the change that was about to take place. He was lining up those dominos before bringing a change because He cared about all the lives the change would touch. 


Often lining up the dominos of change takes time. God gently prepares each detail. When the preparation has been made and the timing is right, God will lift the curtain and tap that first domino. Each piece begins to fall into place. Because God cares for all of us, He takes the time to work all things together for good. 


During those times when we feel we are in the dark, its good to remind ourselves that God is faithful and God is working. If we were to compare God to the sun He created, when we’re going through the night, do we doubt that the sun will rise in the morning? Of course don’t! The sun always rises. The sun is faithful. Is the sun more faithful than the God that created it? No, even though we might feel like we are in a dark season, we can have the confidence that God will come through! Breakthrough will happen. Change will happen. God will move heaven and earth in order to keep His promises to us. God is faithful!


Application: God is faithful to us. He wants us to be faithful to Him. When we go through seasons where we feel like nothing is happening, let’s decide to be faithful to God through being trusting and obedient.

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