We Always Win

“Now thanks be to God who always leads us to triumph in Christ…”
II Corinthians 2:14

God wants us to win in this life. God doesn’t want you to be defeated by anyone setting himself or herself in opposition to His plan for your life. He certainly doesn’t want Satan to win either. God is on your side, and He says He will always lead you to triumph in Christ!

God gives us victory over sin.
If you’ve ever tried to gain victory over sin on your own, then you know it’s not possible. We need God’s help. First, we need His righteousness to change our nature and cleanse our hearts. Second, we need the Holy Spirit to help us continually renew our minds and discipline our bodies. Sin has an addictive quality; it’s only by the power of the Almighty that chains can be broken and we can be set free!

God gives us victory over hurts.
God completes us in the spirit, and He can fulfill us in areas where people, performance, and projects cannot. If someone hurts us, we need to run to the Father because no one and nothing can satisfy us like God.

God gives us victory over sickness and lack.
He doesn’t want you to lose or miss out on anything that falls short of His promises. Jesus shed His blood for you to share in the benefits of His salvation. God wants you to win over anything or anyone contrary to His redemption plan for you. God paid a price for you to win – He gave His Son to die to pay the penalty of our sin. God would not pay such a precious price without the intention of us walking in victory.

God gives us victory for our purpose.
God wants to accomplish the plan He has for our life. God understands the drive to fulfill a calling because God is the one who put the desire there in the first place. God wouldn’t give us the appetite to pursue our destiny if He expected us to never compete it. God is not just a starter; God is a finisher. He’s not just Alpha; He’s also Omega. He is the beginning and the end. What God started in you, He will complete. If you’ve lost your passion, God can restore that too.

God gives us victory now.
God wants you to win now. God doesn’t want you to have to wait until heaven to experience the life He has for you today. Will there be hardships? There will most definitely be difficulties in life, but in Christ, we can remain in a place of faith, joy, and peace. We win!

Application: Feeling defeated? Choose to let God stretch and strengthen your heart to walk in everything He has promised and provided.

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