What is True Love

“…God is love.” I John 4:8

The love that God has for us is true love. His love is the standard for what is pure and upright. When a fallen world tries to interpret love without God as the guide, the nature of real love becomes distorted. Instead of being true, a world’s love lacks the fullness of love that only God can provide. The world’s love can also become deceptive and counterfeit. It poses as love, but it lacks the essence of what authentic love is.

It can be disappointing when you thought you knew true love – whether from a parent, a romantic interest, a friend, a son or daughter, or someone else, and found that love to be wanting. However, God is the source of love, and without Him and His ways, love is always lacking.

It’s important to use discernment with love. The words “I love you” can mean different things, depending on the heart of the person saying it. When true love says or hears, “I love you,” then it means you are loved with a pure, honest, and committed love from the heart. If your definition of love isn’t that, but is based merely on affection, when you say or hear “I love you,” it doesn’t necessary mean the same thing. It can be harmful when the words, “I love you” are said from a carnal heart but interpreted as true love. What is true love? True love is kind, unselfish, patient, humble, holy, enduring, and hopeful.

True love is transparent. It doesn’t hide. It doesn’t try to deceive. It doesn’t keep secrets.

True love is honest. It doesn’t blame others. It doesn’t lie. The other person doesn’t have to feel insecure or jealous or protective. It can be trusted.

True love is satisfied. True love doesn’t need anyone or anything else. You are more than enough for true love.

True love doesn’t stop. If you can walk away from a relationship without remorse for a separation, then it wasn’t true love.

When discerning if love is true or not, look at the integrity of a person’s heart. Get to know a person before giving them your trust.

Application: If you ever have been disappointed or hurt by a false love, don’t think less of yourself for giving yourself to it. Instead, look to Jesus to fill your heart and give you discernment for love that is real.

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