Your Healing Story

“…I am the Lord who heals you.” Exodus 15:26


Just like each Christian has their own testimony of their salvation story, those who receive healing have their own healing story. No two stories are the same. God is personal with each one of us, not only providing our healing; but also about His relationship with us as our healer. 


God isn’t just about the healing; He’s about making us whole. Many times God will use a unique method in bringing about a healing because He doesn’t want us to rely on methods; He wants us to rely on Him! God is looking for our dependence upon Him. He knows we need Him. He knows He is our source of life. Many times He is waiting for us to put everything else aside, and to come to Him in person, motivated by our love and trust of who He is.  God is a spiritual romantic – meaning, because of His love for us, God wants our healing experience to be personal and special. 


Naaman wanted to be healed of leprosy. God wanted Naaman’s heart. God asked Naaman to dip in a river seven times. When Naaman’s heart became surrendered, he was healed of leprosy. It was personal between God and Naaman. Think of the different ways that God has brought healing to people – sometimes through a physical touch, other times through a word of knowledge, anointing oil, prayer cloths, a shadow, deliverance from a spirit, fasting, and many other ways. One time Jesus made clay from His spit to heal a blind man. Another time lepers were told to go show themselves to the priest and their healing was manifested as they went. Through the Bible and throughout history there have been countless stories where our loving Father God revealed Himself as Healer to His children. 


If you are sick, God wants you to have a healing story – a love story between Him and you, a story that will be special to you, a story that can inspire others about His love and goodness. God is a spirit. It’s with our spirit that we connect with Him. Seek your Healer and you will find Him. 


Application: God loves you, and He wants to heal you. He isn’t a distant God; He is a God who wants to be near you, living in your heart. It only takes surrender. Position yourself in loving reliance on the Lord, just between you and Him, and miracle after miracle will happen! 

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