January 9

Genesis 23, 24

In our reading we have Sarah’s death and Isaac’s marriage to Rebekah. Both are time markers that we can use in the present chapters and in the future. For instance Sarah died when she was 127 (Genesis 23:1). Which means Abraham was 137 because he was 10 years older than she was (Genesis 17:17). It also means that Isaac was 37 because he was born when she was 90. In today’s reading we find out that Isaac grieved over his mother’s death for three years (Genesis 24:67). When Isaac got married Abraham was 140. From these time makers we know that Isaac and Rebekah were married twenty years before they had Jacob and Esau, we also know that Abraham was 160 years old when the twins were born (Genesis 25:26), if Isaac was 60 then Abraham was 160. It also means that Jacob and Esau were 15 years old when Abraham died. He was 160 when they were born and he died at age 175 (Genesis 25:7). It is fascinating what can be gleaned from these time markers. We will touch on them again as we go through the Scriptures. 


Matthew 7

In our reading today we have some strong language by Jesus in Matthew 7:6 “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” One Greek scholar said this about dogs. “In the East, dogs were not usually pets and were without masters, wandering at large in the streets and fields and feeding upon whatever they could find.” That included dead bodies of man and beast. Jesus once called a Canaanite woman a dog and not worthy of divine healing from a Covenant perspective. When the woman agreed saying she would be satisfied with the crumbs, Jesus complimented her faith and said her daughter would be healed (Matthew 15:22-28). Though some people in this world behave like donkeys and pigs and dogs, the truth is Jesus died for them all and loves us all (John 3:16). With some people you really need to use wisdom how we share Christ with them, but we can love them all, and pray. The Spirit of God can and will go where no man can go, into their minds and hearts. Believe God for that kind of influence upon even the most stubborn.   

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