June 11

2 Chronicles 34-36

Josiah was made king when he was eight years old. When he was 16 years old he began a purge of all the ungodliness in Judah and Jerusalem. He was a good young man of God. It was during his reign that the lost copy of the law of Moses was found while they were repairing the Temple. After it was read to him it he repented and it inspired him to seek God even further. Saints, the word of God is not lost we have it in its entirety. Let’s seek God with our whole heart and obey what it says. Let’s be more like Josiah.   


John 19:1-22

Wow! In our reading today, Pilate, the governor who sentenced Jesus to death, knew it was wrong and tried to release Jesus. Given the political/religious atmosphere of the day, if Pilate would have done what he knew was right, the Jewish leaders would have caused a riot resulting in Pilate losing his governorship. Instead he gave in to them and sentenced Jesus to death. We as believers must do what is right regardless of the consequences. I would rather be right with God and judged by man than to be right with man and judged by God.  

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