June 15

Ezra 9, 10

In our reading today Ezra learns that of the remnant of Jews who were in Jerusalem that many of them,  including leaders had transgressed against God and had married women of the nations that God had told them not to marry (Deuteronomy 7:1-4). The knowledge of this caused much discomfort in Ezra that he ripped his garment and pulled out the hair of his head and beard (Ezra 9:3, 4). After the people got together and repented the only thing to do was to right the situation, the men who had married the foreign women separated themselves from them (Ezra 10:18-44). This may seem extreme but we are looking at the Old Covenant, this is not the New Covenant. By marrying these women they had sinned against God, and they were rightfully concerned that the remnant still remaining in Israel would be consumed because of their sin (Ezra 9:10-15). 


Acts 1

In our reading today Jesus is ending his 40 days of appearing to and teaching the disciples after his resurrection. He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem until they were baptized with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:1-5). Jesus said that after we were baptized in the Holy Spirit we would receive power to be witnesses to the whole earth. Let us be obedient to Jesus and seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit in order to be his witnesses to a lost and dying world.   

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