April 16

Luke 15:11-32

This passage is a parable about a father and two sons. One leaves home and returns. The other stays and resents the gracious treatment of the returning brother. in verse 17, it says the prodigal “came to himself.” How many thought living life apart from God would be fulfilling, and then you “came to yourself?” We need to understand that the ONLY life that will satisfy is a heart that is designed for life in union with its Creator.

1 Samuel 19-21

Jonathan is a peacemaker in the beginning of chapter 19. In verse 7 it says of David, “he was in his (Saul’s) presence as in times past.” Obviously, the relationship between Saul and David was severed because of Saul’s jealousy. David was willing to reconcile even after knowing Saul was out to take his life. However, to have a good relationship, it takes two. You may have experienced this in your life. Maybe someone has rejected you in some way. Reconciliation is possible, but we have to being willing to let go. Saul had to change his mind about killing David in order for them to restore what they once had.

Honor anyway
David continued to honor Saul. When we honor, even when it isn’t reciprocated, this demonstrates that our character is what determines our decision to honor and love, not the circumstance or the person.

The return of the distressing spirit
David was known as a warrior that has God’s help and strength. In verse 8, David gave the Philistines another mighty blow. Saul became jealous again. In verse 9, the distressing spirit returns, and Saul tries to kill David with his spear.

Divine Intervention
David runs. Where does he run to? The prophet Samuel. Samuel was surrounded by other prophets. When representatives of Saul arrived to take David in order to kill him, the Spirit of God overtook them. Saul did this three times, and each time, the Holy Spirit took over. Then Saul, the king himself, goes to Samuel and David, and the Spirit of God overtakes Saul, too. He was unable to harm David because of the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

Covenant between royal families
Jonathan and David made a covenant between them. We read more about this binding agreement in chapter 20. Jonathan knew David would be king, as did Saul. Saul was angry with Jonathan, mentioning he would lose the right to the throne. Jonathan acknowledged God was the One who would reign. Jonathan honored God by honoring David.

Go in peace
In 1 Samuel 20:42, Jonathan says to David, “Go in peace.” The word for peace is shalom, a Hebrew word that includes complete wellbeing and safety. It is a word Hebrews speak to one another that includes the saving power of God for health, provision, and overall soundness.

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