December 17

Revelation 8

Revelation 8 opens the seventh seal, which opens the seven trumpets. The seven trumpets where given to seven angels. Here are some notes:
The trumpets give an overview to the Great Tribulation.
We see that the book of Revelation is not chronological. This chapter overlays a portion of the prophecy of the seals.
The seven trumpets are in response to prayers of the saints, calling on God to deliver them. I’ve been to the wailing wall in Jerusalem, both above ground and beneath. I saw prayer books that were worn on the edges from much use. I saw their dedication, asking God to send the Messiah and reign from Jerusalem. They were passionate, consistent, and hopeful.
I believe these judgments point to the Messiah’s Second Coming, calling for repentance before His return.
These judgments come in thirds.
One trumpet does not sound until the previous one finishes. Notice the word “then” preceding each trumpet.
The Great Tribulation is a terrible time of judgment on the earth, at least in the Middle East region.
Keep in mind that at the time prophecy is given, it often refers to a region and not necessary the whole world.

One third of the trees is burned, and all of the grass is burned. This is a result of hail and fire, mingled with blood, coming from heaven to earth.

A large rock on fire is thrown into the sea (possibly a volcano or asteroid), causing one third of the sea becomes blood (a red color), causing one third of the underwater animals to die and one third of ships were destroyed.

One third of the waters were struck by a great burning star that falls from heaven. This could be a meteor or perhaps a nuclear weapon. The star’s name is Wormwood, a bitter, poisonous herb.

A third of the celestial stars are darkened, including a third of the sun and moon.

After the fourth trumpet, an angel shouts three woes (sorrows) because the remaining three trumpets are coming.


Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament. Obadiah delivers messages from God concerning the Edomites, the descendants of Esau and enemies of Israel. The Edomites had a problem with pride, not unlike many nations and individuals today. Verse 3 says, “The pride of your heart has deceived you.” Pride is deceptive. Humility is recognizing, acknowledging, and yielding to God’s authority.

This conflict began between the brothers Esau and Jacob, and their descendants continued the rivalry.

Obadiah also has a layer of prophecy that refers to the Day of the Lord. The Day of the Lord could apply to the day of Israel’s deliverance in the present time, a foreshadowing of the Day of the Lord that follows the Great Tribulation.

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