November 22

James 4

Faith is reliance on God to the point of obedience. God resists the proud (the self-sufficient), and gives grace to the humble (those with yielded hearts). The answer to worldliness is humility. The answer to religious legalism is humility. God is looking for hearts that will rely on Him completely so that our actions are lined up with a heart that is aligned with Him.

Ezekiel 27-28

Ezekiel continues to speak a message against Tyre; however, it has more than one meaning in the lamentation that starts in 28:11 and goes through 19. You see, there is a bigger picture, a wider scope or overview of humanity and our time on this earth as we know it. God sees beyond the moment we are in. He also sees into the spirit realm where spirits are at work through leaders and nations. This passage is God referring not only to the king of Tyre but to Satan Himself. God speaks of how Satan was created as an angel, living in the glory of God. Satan, then known as Lucifer, exalted Himself in iniquity, contesting God’s authority. God cast Satan out of heaven, stripping him of his power (Isaiah 14, Luke 10:18). In verse 13, it says that Satan was in the garden of Eden. It was there that he tempted Adam and Eve with the same idea that they could be like God, they could contest His authority, and they could live independently of God. The same spirit is seen in the world today, with control, manipulation, and a rebellion against authority. It was seen in Tyre. It’s in some churches as well, where leaders or people in the church abuse authority or they rebel against authority. The glory of God is available to the church, but it is through humble, yielded hearts of leaders and churches working together in unity with surrendered hearts.

Verses 28:25-26 speak of the Millennium and the regathering of Jews, dwelling in their own land. In chapter 28 we see God taking us from the garden of Eden, the beginning of humanity, to Christ’s earthly reign, after worldly kingdoms have ended. God has a wide perspective! He sees it all from beginning to end. He’s the Alpha and the Omega, the first and last, the Lord over all times and seasons, nations and kingdoms. And He cares that we know that He is the Lord and come into a relationship with Him (28:22, 24, 26).

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