September 18

2 Corinthians 10

We should not compare ourselves with others, but focus on being true to ourselves. We should not try to take away from the ministry that someone else has established, but focus on reaching people who have not been reached yet. Paul speaks from experience. People are often impressed or attracted to leaders who have charisma, can draw a crowd, and have a bold and loud expression. However, to follow a person simply based on their charisma or number of followers is not a good decision. If someone lacks understanding or behaves unwisely, that popular leader could use their charisma to manipulate innocent people to get their money, their support, and in some cases, to prey on people to fulfill their own greed and lusts. It is a mistake to turn away from leaders simply because they not have a strong presence, but they have understanding and live wisely. Living wisely could include commitment to their spouse and family, a holy lifestyle, integrity in finances, honor in relationships, endurance through difficulty, and a genuine humility to follow God’s leading. Paul was being criticized because his words were strong, but his appearance was not. Paul’s response? He refused to compare himself with others. He refused to try to take from another ministry to build his own. Paul may not have had a strong presence; but he did what he was called to do, and the Holy Spirit backed him up. As a result, lives were changed, and that alone was worth it. In addition, Paul was among those who helped launch the church that now has expanded to cover the globe. Also, Paul’s inspired letters to those troubling churches became part of the Bible we have today. We need to be ourselves, do what we’re called to do, and let God do the rest.

Ecclesiastes 4-6

We’re all having earth experiences right now. We’re all “under the sun.” Do you know who isn’t confined to being under the sun? Our Father! God’s perspective is much higher than ours. He wants to share His perspective with us, to give us a glimpse of His glory, so we can see His supernatural power and abilities are available to us. If all we see is “under the sun,” then we’re going to miss out on the heaven on earth that is possible to us. Solomon looked up and saw the sun. Let’s “look up” in the spirit and see the Son of God, and know that in Christ, we are joint-heirs of a covenant with God and all those covenant blessings are for us right now! Let’s look in the spirit and see that we have the Spirit of God, the power of the Universe, living in us and ready to work through us! Let’s stay in the Son while we are under the sun and live a life of God-adventures!

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