September 21

2 Corinthians 12

God’s grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in our weakness. Our weakness describes the lack we have in ourselves, but celebrating the more-than-enough we find in a dependent relationship on God. If we boast, we should credit the Lord for what He can do through a yielded heart. Let’s remember that Paul is continuing his response to the Corinthians in regard to false apostles that have tried to discredit Paul. Instead of Paul boasting in himself, Paul chooses to boast in God, including when Paul shares his experiences, not found only in his natural ability, but in God’s supernatural ability!

Song of Solomon 1-3

The Song of Solomon is a drama written by King Solomon. We can draw both natural and spiritual truths from it. Naturally, we read a love story between a man, “the beloved,” and a woman, “the Shulamite,” and it demonstrates the intimate love and commitment we should have for our spouse. Spiritually, I believe it is a prophetic writing that conveys the Messiah’s love for Israel, and describes Him coming to her, leaving her, and then coming back again. It also describes the longing of the Jews for their Messiah, preparing for His return. Chapter 3 verse 6 is the man’s arrival after being requested.

If chapter 2 verse 5 the Shulamite says, “I am lovesick.” This is a Hebrew word that means “to be rubbed, polished, made smooth.” When we long for someone, we prepare for their coming. We smooth out the way, straighten the way, so the return can be made. I think of an airline strip, made straight, low places lifted, high places lowered, so the plan can land smoothly when it comes in. I see this verse describing the Jews making ready for the Lord’s coming, and the grafted in Gentile as well.

In chapter 2 verse 4 she says, “His banner over me is love.” Banners, or flags, would identify. The Shulamite was saying what identified their relationship was love. What identifies us as Christians is that God loves us, and in response, we love Him. What identifies us as Christians is our love for one another. Our relationship with God isn’t just a covenant business deal – it’s a fulfilling coupling to which we are passionately willing to commit ourselves.

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