September 4

1 Corinthians 14:1-20

Here in chapter 14, the Apostle Paul writes on speaking in tongues, otherwise known as “praying in the spirit” or a “prayer language.” This is a spiritual endowment, to speak in an unknown language, and it is available to every Christian. It might seem unusual to many, but it is in the Bible and it is an amazing, supernatural function for the New Testament believer. What’s the purpose? Tongues is useful for the Holy Spirit to speak through us, taking us beyond our limited intellect and understanding for the purpose of using us in spiritual matters. Speaking in tongues always follows the baptism of the Holy Spirit, where Christ floods us to overflowing with the power, the anointing, of God. We are vessels of the Holy Spirit, using our words to make declaration about or for God. In this chapter, Paul is clarifying that there is both a private use of tongues and a public use. In private, we are speaking to God and praying out mysteries. In public, we are giving a message from God, like prophecy, but in an unknown language, and always with an interpretation.

Proverbs 5-6

In these two chapters, King Solomon is giving his son advice mostly on women and finances, principles that will keep his son from heartache and reproach. Relationships and finances are still two topics that can bring us the most pain when we take them outside of God’s purpose and design. Solomon was born to King David who took his mother; Bathsheba, away from her husband, Uriah, then had Uriah killed. Even though David tried to bury the incident, God did not forget about it. The prophet Nathan heard from God and exposed David, a word that brought King David to repentance, followed by forgiveness and restoration. However, David’s house was always troubled after the affair, and Solomon was part of that house. Solomon knew from experience that adultery would harm his son. Solomon knew that the misuse of finances would harm his son, so because of his love for his child, Solomon shared his wisdom.

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