September 7

1 Corinthians 15:33-58

Jesus is coming back, and we will receive a new, resurrected body! In this passage, Paul continues to speak on the topic of resurrection, confronting and correcting the erroneous belief that God does not bring the dead back to life. Paul talks about the physical body and the spirit within that body. They body will die, but the spirit continues to live. Then Paul speaks about the rapture for those who are born again with a new spirit, a new nature –it happens suddenly, with a trumpet sound, where the dead rise first, then the living. We’ll have in incorruptible body. Death will be defeated. There will be no more funerals. There will be no more aging, no disease, no tiredness. We will have victory over death and live forever with our Lord! Let’s live for Jesus and work as hard as we can to take others with us!

Proverbs 11-12

Our words are tools, and they are very powerful. With our words, we can either build up or tear down. Our words can be beneficial to the mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of another person. They can soothe, encourage, and inspire. Words can also be hurtful, discouraging, and cause torment. When used consistently or repetitively, they can cause tremendous damage that can last a lifetime. In Proverbs 12:18 it says, “There are those who speak rashly, like the piercing of a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” From little jabs all the way to verbal abuse, words can become weapons to destroy another person. Sometimes people can be unaware of how cutting their words are, coming from their own dysfunction, repeating cycles of hurt or abuse from one generation to another. Some people are in our churches under the guise of trying to help others, using their religious pride to attempt to control someone else’s behavior, unknowingly cutting people into little pieces with their condemning judgment. Some harsh tongues are repeated behavior, feeling this is how it should be because that is what they’ve known. Break the cycle! Let’s allow God to heal us, transform us, showing us what to say and how to say it. Let’s have Him teach us how to use our words to lead others to freedom, wholeness, and powerful living in Christ!

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