Crisis and Seasons

“For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again…”

Proverbs 24:16

We hope every season we encounter is led by the Spirit of God and in God’s right timing; however, if it is not, I want to encourage you that God is bigger than any crisis that may have caused you an unwanted or untimely change in your life. If you ever got off track with God’s plan and purpose for your life, know God is well able to get you back on track. There is no failure too great, no sin too big, no person or situation so grand that is too much for God to handle. No matter how great you think your mountain is; God is greater!

A crisis is “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.” A crisis situation can come progressively or suddenly, but whatever the situation and whomever is involved, God can lead us by His Spirit through a crisis with peace, joy, wisdom, provision, courage, hope, and protection.

God cares about you more than what you do

There was a time I was having severe chest pain and back pain from the demands of a ministry. I did my best to delegate and manage my time, but there were challenging circumstances. It was a situation where Jesus was telling me to move on, but I couldn’t because of a legal contract. I prayed, and God provided another ministry to come in and take over the contract – that was the mercy of God! I was able to get the medical care I needed and take time off to heal and restore. My doctor told me if I had continued at the pace I was at, I could have seriously injured myself and possibly lost my life. God rescued me then; but He also led me to a new season of ministry that was full of life!

God can turn anything around for good

What the enemy may have meant for evil, God can turn into good. In addition, if your crisis was a result of your misstep, God is able to use it to teach and mature you. He may use the time to reveal more of Himself to you. With God, nothing is wasted.

God can restore anything that was lost or stolen

Not only can God get us back on track, but God is also able to restore us, and not only restore, but to bless us beyond measure! Not only is God powerful and loving, but God is faithful to us.

Application: Sometimes when we are in the middle of a crisis situation, we can’t always see the bigger picture. We may have overwhelming thoughts and emotions, but our Father will take care of all that concerns us when we put our faith in Him.  

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