Giving On and With Purpose

“So let each of you give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.” II Corinthians 9:7

We’re not all that different from God – who would want to receive a gift from someone who didn’t want to give it? Not me! To receive something from someone who didn’t want to let it go would feel like I was taking something that didn’t belong to me.

When we give, purpose is important to God. Purpose in giving means two things to me. The first is giving on purpose. When I purpose to give, I’m giving intentionally and willingly. Paul writes in II Corinthians that our purpose in giving should not be done under compulsion or obligation, but willingly and cheerfully. God cares about our heart’s motive more than the gift itself.

Here is a truth about my gift. God doesn’t depend upon me; I depend upon Him. Does my giving make a difference? Absolutely! However, if the majority of people do not give, God is still able to multiply the amount given by the minority. Any good being done is more about what God can do through me, not what I can do by myself. The real offering when I give is not the amount – it’s the offering of me.

The second meaning in giving and purpose is giving with purpose. God has things He wants to accomplish, but He loves us so much that He wants to include us. When we give with purpose, it isn’t so much about our decision on where to give and what to give and how much to give. It’s more about going to God to find out what He wants to accomplish together with us, and then us being obedient to His leading.

If there is no specific leading from the Holy Spirit, there is plenty of leading from the Word of God. In the Bible, God instructs us to give ten percent to our local church. Even though we know the tithe belongs to God, we’re not “paying” our tithe like we’re paying a bill. We’re giving our tithe because we want God to have the firs and best of what He has provided. We want to take care of His kingdom. God also admonishes us to give in offerings inside and outside of the church to the poor, to missions, to ministries, to building programs, and to the people in our sphere of influence. When we give, let’s give on purpose and with purpose. Let’s give with love for God and people. Let’s give from faith and trust in God. Let’s watch how God takes our gift and multiplies it with His overflowing grace!

Application: Read II Kings 12:4. Think of a time you gave on purpose and with purpose and the blessing that followed. Let’s do it again!

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