God’s Covenant With You

“The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant.” Psalm 25:14

All of the promises God has made to you are based on this very thing – His covenant. The covenant is a binding union, not just an agreement, but a UNION where God has chosen to bind HIMSELF to you in relationship and position. He has contracted Himself to you, promising to never to leave you, never to forsake you. If we were to compare this covenant to a marriage union, we could say that has God chosen to marry you. In this marriage, all of God’s heart belongs to you. All that God owns belongs to you. All that God can do, He will do for you. Like a faithful husband, God has promised Himself to you.

1. A covenant is God’s idea
The covenant was completely initiated by God. Mankind had nothing to do with starting a union with God. Therefore, we can be confident that the covenant position and the execution of covenant blessings is something God wholeheartedly wants. If you know God wants the covenant with you and if you know He wanted it badly enough to give His Son Jesus for it, then there is nothing to doubt about God’s desire to keep His covenant blessings with you.

2. The covenant is based on what God did
You had nothing to do with the formation of this covenant. God did everything required in order for the covenant to be formed. He did everything required and then invited you to receive or reject His offer. If any part of the covenant depended on us, we may doubt the validity or the stability of the union. However, it doesn’t depend on us. We may fail, but God can’t fail. We may try to back out of a promise, but God never reneges on His Word. Therefore, we can be sure the covenant will stand.

3. God’s power backs up His covenant
The Holy Spirit is the One who executes the covenant promises of God. It was the Holy Spirit that worked together with God to create you. It was the Holy Spirit that worked together with God to raise Jesus from the dead. He also helped to recreate your spirit. The Holy Spirit is ever ready to take the promise of God and manifest it in your life.

This is God’s covenant with you! Don’t doubt it; just believe!

Application: Write down a promise from the Bible that you would like to receive and walk in. Ask God to perform His Word in your life based on His covenant. Stand on that Scripture, knowing it will come to pass.

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