Responsibility and Seasons

“But let each one examine his own work…for each one shall bear his own load.” Galatians 6:4-5

Being responsible in your season is doing your part in your season. Being responsible means being diligent to manage and carry out your tasks or your assignment. Being responsible means making moral decisions and acting on them. Being responsible means you are accountable for your actions.

To do well in your season, you must take responsibility to do your part in your season, and do it well. Whether you are making preparation, planting and starting, developing and growing, pruning or guarding, or producing and reaping; you know your part and you are doing your part in your season.

If you were a farmer, negligence in taking care of a crop will lead to failure in your harvest. In the same way, neglecting to take responsibility and do your part will cause you to fail in your season of life. If you go through enough cycles of negligence in your life, you will not achieve your purpose or fulfill God’s plan for your life. Responsibility is a big part of moving on to the next season. If you sit and do nothing, you will never move on.

The idea to wait on God to do His part without doing something on our end is just laziness. God has a purpose in every season, and He gives us a portion of responsibility to activate our faith and obey. There have been seasons in my life where God has had me rest, but even in my resting, I am praying, studying the Bible, serving in church, and being responsible with my day to day life.

One mistake people make when looking for direction in a season is to not do anything. One of our Bible school instructors said, “It’s easier to steer a car when it’s in motion.” He was teaching us that to move with God, you have to be active in some way. Sometimes people get stuck in their season and they don’t know what to do. In that case, ask yourself, “What’s the last thing God told me to do?” Then make sure you are doing that and doing it well. Don’t get weary and get lackadaisical or you may even go backwards in your growth.

Being responsible is not being busy. We have to know what God has given us to do, and do that. It’s okay to have personal interests, but beware of distractions that could pull you off course from responsibility.

Application: Do you have people in your life who hold you accountable to your responsibilities? They are a treasure to have!

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